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“I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.”
Kwame Nkrumah 


Welcome to Kalì | Earth Architecture Workshop! The workshop is hosted by Nka Foundation and will be held in Abetenim Arts Village (Ashanti Region, Ghana) from September 1st to Dicember 1st 2018. Join us as an international volunteer to build a sustainable classroom in Abetenim, a mud earth unit for a vocational skills center for youths in rural Ghana. Immerse yourself in local culture and lifestyle, and come to give your tangible contribution to help local people.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer! We don’t ask for specific competences but only your enthusiasm and passion! Graduates and students of architecture, design, arts and others can use the opportunity for internship, personal research or thesis.

Our goal is to learn from Ghanaian manpower and, at the same time, help them innovate their work in an improving and sustainable way. Volunteers will be able to try out a new way to help underserved populations! During all the workshop we will train a group of young Ghanaian students that are already learning how to build a performative edifice in raw earth and we will teach them all the tips and tricks to design a building.

This video is an extract of our previous experience as volunteers in Sang. Sorry for the quality but it was shoot with non-professional devices! 😅